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Carlos Rezende   

(Minas Gerais, 1964, Brazil)

Multidisciplinary artist, works on projects where elements and practices of paiting, sculpture, engraving, drawing, photography and literature are mixed.
In the year 2015 he received an important Award from Secretaria da Cultura de São Paulo Brazil and Proac for his collection of artist books, presented at the "Syntagmas" exhibition (2016).

He organized and produced a series of autoral exhibitions, some of them aimed at the education of elementary students in Brazil.
Rezende studied Architecture at FAU-USP (São Paulo University) and Frescoes and History of Art in Rome.

One of his important works is having worked as draftsman in the execution of a Sol LeWitt’s WallDrawing at Sao Paulo Brazil.


2011 - “Os Véus, A.", Edição Autoral, 125 pp. 10 illustrations, December.
“Iceland" (photographs), Teatro Municipal de Araraquara, April 11-28, 2012.
2012 - Sesc Consolação and Sesc Araraquara, artistic direction and production of Carlos Rezende "5playsplus", workshop, video-projection and performance.
Sesc Consolação, São Paulo, June 9 to July 7, 2012, workshop, video projection and
2014 - "Blue Days", 248 works, drawings, prints and artist's books. February 29 to April 2, House of Culture of Ribeirão Preto / Marp. Solo Exhibition.
"Blue Days" (roaming), April 5 to 26, Teatro Municipal de Araraquara, solo exhibition, 2014.
Recent Exhibitions:
2017 - “Patterns Project", Raumreolon, Seefeldstrasse, 81, Zurich. November 3 through November28.(solo)
2018 - “Anatomy of Language", Casa da Cultura de Araraquara, November 23, 2017 to January 5.(solo) 2018 - “Patterns Project" Tavernart Gallery, Hong Kong (solo) - May 2018
2018 - “Patterns Project" - Tavernart Gallery, London(solo) - October 2018
2018 - “Sculptures" Território da Arte. Biblioteca Mário de Andrade, Araraquara, São Paulo May 30 to June 7 2018.
2019 - São Paulo - Portfolio - Artlab Gallery - December 19, 2018 to March 9 (group show).

Art Fairs:

FENA - New Art Fair of Araraquara, (7-15 November 2015).
AAF Singapore (17-19 May, 2016), AAF Hong Kong, (17-20 May 2016). AAF Hong Kong - (17-19 May 2018)
AAF London - (18-21 October 2018)
AAF Hong Kong (May 17-20, 2019)
ExpoArt SP 3rd Edition (24-24 February 2019)
ExpoArt SP 5..a Edition (18-19 May 2019)
AAF Melbourbe (5-8 September 2019)

Prize and Hommage:

2015 - Proac Secretaria da Cultura de São Paulo, Prize for Artist Book Portfolio.
2019 - Territorio da Arte, hommage and documentary, 2018 -

A Book About Death, Brazilian Sculpture Museum, Sao Paulo, February 4-28, 2010, Photo Exhibition, Group Show, HYPERLINK

2010 - Cora Coralina, May 15 - August 31, 2010, Davis Museum, Barcelona, Solo Sculpture Show. (

2010 - Belvedere Award for Contemporary Art, Paraty, May.

Collections: Rezende has works in important museums such as MUBE - São Paulo, Brazil, MARP- Ribeirão Preto, MAC-USP - São Paulo and Pinacoteca of the State of São Paulo and important collection in Brazil, EUA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Zurich, Rome, among others.

You want to talk to me?

Whatsapp: +55 (16) 991192763

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