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London, 17-21 October

The proposal of this project of paintings, which was exhibited in Zurich, Singapore

and Hong Kong, in addition to technical advances regarding the use of tempera, is the representation of Brazilian Nature, Birds of the Cerrado and Fishes of Amazon.

The method was inspired in the Roman works of William Morris and

Wenzel Peter (Frescoes of Palazzo Borghese). This project goes toward the anti-natural fantastical realism, the inverse path of oriental craftsmen hired by the Hindu and Chinese nobility,

where this practise originated. Bringing elements of nature to the home environment in act of advertising for preservation among others proposals.  

Rezende studied architecture (São Paulo University) and frescoes and history of art in Rome, Italy. Rezende is muralist, having worked with the american artist Sol LeWitt,

in the execution of Wall Drawings.


London AAFair, Standarte Gallery and Tavernart Gallery, booth I4, Battersea Evolution,

Battersea Park, Queenstown Road, London SW11 4NJ

info and acquisition: + 852 6281 1787 - Barbara Thompson -

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